Hello! My name is Bonnie

Welcome to my site

A little about me – I’m a wife, a mother of two grown daughters, and I am now a grandmother! I have worked in the fitness industry for over fifteen years. I owned a women’s only fitness facility. I have taught fitness classes. I have coached clients with their fitness goals. I have created successful weight loss programs. I was also a Health & Wellbeing Director for a large Non-Profit.  I am currently a comprehensively certified BASI Pilates Instructor teaching private sessions | reformer classes | mat classes in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I am also a certified YogaFit Yoga Instructor. Helping others live healthier lives and finding ways to be the best versions of themselves is something that I love. I have just started my journey towards becoming a Holistic Health Coach and I can’t wait to share that process here at GBH.

Like many of you…I have injuries. I have dietary restrictions. I have life struggles. I am also learning my limitations (sometimes the hard way). So, I get it, it’s hard to live a healthier life. The struggle is very real. But, I hope to be able to share tips, discoveries and more with all of you to help you stay on track.

I started this blog hoping to inspire people to never give up on their wellness journey, to live a healthier life, and maybe have some fun along the way.

That being said…I haven’t always been so surrounded by wellness. And I hope that my journey will help inspire others to change their lives.

My Story

I was a latchkey kid growing up, in a home surrounded by drugs and alcohol. I ate a lot of junk food. When you are home alone all of the time, and money is tight, you don’t eat very well. Sometimes you don’t eat at all. I grew up with foods like Ding Dongs, Coca-Cola, Lays Potato Chips, Top Ramen, frozen TV dinners, canned soups, et. On top of that, I was a very, very picky eater that I liked salt ALOT. Carbs were my go to.

So, when did I change my ways? It wasn’t until I got married and became a mother to my daughters, that I decided I wanted a better life. A healthier life. Not only did I start to worry about what I was feeding my children, how foods and products affected them, but I also worried about me and how I was feeling.

I wasn’t feeling great.

Not long after I had my second daughter was born, I started having anxiety/panic attacks. At times they were so severe that I couldn’t even leave my house. My doctor was prescribing medication after medication to try to “help” my symptoms, but they only made me feel worse. In addition to the side effects, I worried about the addictive nature of them. I started looking into natural solutions. I found a workbook to help battle anxiety naturally and it sort of transformed me. I started running, I learned breathing techniques, I started taking vitamins and I changed my eating habits. The changes weren’t overnight, but after time I realized I was having less attacks, I had more energy, I had a renewed desire to set goals for myself.

I felt better!

Now, going off medications is NOT something that I am suggesting people should do, sometimes medications are a game changer and are the answer (no judgement here… seriously). Medications are quite necessary for a lot of people, but for me… letting them go changed my life.

More recently I have started having issues with my immune system (since about 2010 actually). I got very sick in 2010 and suddenly had problems with vertigo, rashes, skin sensitivity, mouth sores, dermatitis, hair loss, fatigue, bruising, muscle weakness and spasms, joint pain (the list goes on). I started having Leaky Gut symptoms. I became Lactose Intolerant. I was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue.

Upon seeing a podiatrist for a foot injury during a run this past May, the doctor suggested blood tests for auto-antibodies since my x-rays turned out clear. My ANA blood test did test positive. Even as I start this blog, I don’t even know what that actually means. I am still trying to figure out what is happening to my body. I know that my physical health affects my mental health, so I try to take care of both since they work together. I am still a very active person, although lately I have to listen more to my body. I also know that what I eat affects me as well. I am currently trying (TRYING – I have my bad days) to follow an Anti-inflammatory Diet. Let me tell you, it’s hard…especially when you grew up never really eating family meals, never really eating REAL foods, never really knowing how to plan for anything.

Much of my of my life has been dedicated to trying to live healthier, both mentally and physically (although I am by no means the poster child for this).  I may never be as healthy as I want to be…I slip up all the time. I still think that I have a lot to learn about being healthier (despite what my family might think), but I don’t want to be obsessed with it. I don’t want it to be all-consuming… my goal is to be balanced in this pursuit.

Come see what I’m up to while I share tips, stories, workouts, etc. and try to keep it real (and hopefully fun) along the way.


Please know that I am not a medical professional or a registered dietician/nutritionist. Any information I share in my blog is based on my own personal experiences and should not be taken as medical advice. I encourage you to check with your doctor before making any changes to your health (both mentally and physically). 


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